Southwest Academy of Management

Annual Conference

By paying the $100 FBD registration fee and registering for at least one other organization, you may attend all of the functions of any group, except for meal functions or business meetings. 

However, if you have more than one presentation for more than one association, you should register for each association in which you present or wish to participate.

2017: Little Rock, AR
(March 8-11)

 2016 Annual Conference
Oklahoma City, OK

"Things Ain't What They Used to Be"
      - Will Rogers

March 9 - March 12



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Please note that if none of the authors of an accepted paper are able to attend/present that SWAM reserves the right to remove its listing and acceptance from the program and proceedings.

The 2014 conference registration fee is $175 which includes $75 for SWAM and $100 for FBD.

Conference Programs and Proceedings
Click on the city for programs and date for proceedings.
Conference Programs Conference Proceedings
 2015  Houston, TX  March 11 - March 14
 2014  Dallas, TX  March 12 - March 15
 2013  Albuquerque, NM  March 13 - March 16
 2012  New Orleans, LA  February 29th - March 3rd
 2011  Houston, Texas  March 9th - 12th
 2010  Dallas, Texas  March 3rd - 6th (unavailable online)
 2009  Oklahoma City, OK  February 25th - 28th
 2008  Houston, TX  March 5th - 8th
 2007  San Diego, CA  March 14th - 17th
 2006  Oklahoma City, OK  March 1st - 4th
 2005  Dallas, TX  March 2nd - 5th
 2004  Orlando, FL  March 4th - 6th